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Saturday, February 20, 2010
situation now

hello again...
erm common test is starting tmr have been staying up late so wish me luck =]
studying hard...=S


Thursday, February 11, 2010

joy to the world (name) is dead,
we'll barbecue her/his head.
What about her/his body,
we'll stuff it down the potty.
and what about her/his toes,
we'll stuff it up her/his nose.
and then we will leave him/her to decompose.

heard it from hui shi =]
tune is: joy to the world ... enjoy!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010
saw a mediacorp actor at orchard's OG for new year clothings on sunday(7th feb) =]
" Jie Jie, isnt that the actor?!"
"I don't think so, 你看错了."
"you see larhx!"
so i went to check it out.saw a lady wear a unfashionable cap
found her very suspicious
she was pushing a baby trolley
i stood in front of the baby trolley and stared at the baby
she looked up....and ta-da =P
i ran to tell my mum =]
found out that the actor's name is Vivian Lai!

Yay meh!


Monday, February 8, 2010
sorry sorry =P

hellos anyways sorry for not posting for like one year already:P
its my bad.
so sorry=P
i don't know whats with me and smileys nowadays but try and get used to it kays?
oh and here are some short forms i often use, read it, learn it, love it, and we will get along just fine (copied from a movie) okay so here are the words =P:
idc means i dont care
idk means i dont know(quite common)
w.b means welcome back
w/e means whatever (i only use it when i am joking or your joke is super lame.)
mk means mmm okay
okaii means okay (not really short form though)
peeps means people =P
i guess thats all for now.
if i think of something else i'll tell you peeps okie dokie?


Thursday, March 12, 2009
common test

i know ... you might think that this blog is DEAD.
i 've been lazy to type... common tests... now i know why they call it common test, it happens so often!

anyway ct1 is over so is ct2...
i failed my chemistry for ct1 but i improved!
ct2 i got a1 of chem...
i love my ct2 results! can you believe it all a!!!
i got top in lit and second in physics...i cannot even believe i passed! alot of people failed but i am not one of them... haiz...holidays are not holidays with homework do you agree?


Monday, December 1, 2008
take note

Begining to miss school...
Well i m going to Korea this Sunday
i am both excited and worried

oh ya!
my mum told me if you are held hostage by the terrorist,
dont say you are a singaporean
say that you are a malaysian
cause most of the terrorist hate Singaporeans
because we are close to USA and they hate USA

so just take note...bye


Saturday, November 29, 2008
Save the Earth

Hi...I have nothing to say, nothing really happened today.
All i can say is if you want to save the Earth, do your part and try not to step on or destroy any plants.You can help by doing little things one step at a time.

Practise the 3'Rs. Use the water that u used to wash ur rice to water the plants.
Bring your own plastic bags to shop.

I know some of you might say that this is lame...
But as I said I am not going to just sit here and watch.

Hope you guys will work together with me and spread the word.

Until next time... ...